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Stonehouse Mtn Mapping

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Clear and accurate maps to meet your needs.

    Towns -- Selectboard, Planning, Conservation, Listers
    Organizations -- land trusts, foresters, other companies
    Individual land owners

With maps of
    Tax parcels
    Roads, including “ancient roads” in Vermont
    Natural resources -- wetlands, soils, land cover, etc.

Derived from
    Surveys, deeds
    State and federal GIS data
    GPS data
    On-the-ground observation
    Interpretation of air photos

In the form of
    Paper maps – B&W and color, up to 42” wide
    Computer documents: PDF, JPG, etc.
    GIS data layers -- ArcGIS “shapefile” and other formats

Can also:
    Join GIS layers with existing information tables
    Edit existing GIS layers to improve accuracy
    Set up free GIS data viewer software
    Offer support in use of ArcGIS software

Happy to discuss other mapping needs. No map too small!

Illustration of a keyboard and building; 240 pixels wide

Stonehouse Mtn Mapping 
98 Lower Stonehouse Mtn Rd
Orford, NH 03777

Phone: 603-353-9033

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:


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